Connecting people through healthy, tasty food
Kachumber Kitchen - Connecting people through healthy, tasty food


I’m Katie. I'm a 38 year old British-born girl with Scottish and Irish roots. There are 4 things you should know about me.


1. I have an uncontrollable desire to feed people! Their pleasure is my passion

2. Cheese and wine is my favourite weakness - one of love, devotion and dedication

3. I think chillies are a more than acceptable breakfast must-have

4. If it were so to be, I would gladly eat Indian cuisine for every meal.


I have a huge passion for food, and Indian dishes have always been a favourite of mine.

The flavours and ingredients are so endlessly exciting! Since I discovered cooking I've had a

desire to understand the magic behind Indian cuisine - behind the smells, the flavours, the

gorgeous vibrant colours! However along that journey I also discovered the numerous health

benefits of spices such as black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, fresh ginger,

fennel seeds, asafoetida and turmeric etc. Offering healing, digestive and powerful

anti-inflammatory properties, their benefits are endless! So now when I cook,

I always work with both flavour and nutrition.


I believe food should feed the soul and heal the body.


Everything I have learnt came from doing, touching, tasting and sharing. Indian cuisine, I think, is one of the most playful and exciting eating experiences in the world. It tickles, taunts, challenges and teases the palate. At the start of my journey exploring the art of cooking there was one undeniably inspirational factor who guided me along my path and influenced my creations - my Grandma.


She was an amazing cook and baker, pouring endless passion and love into her practice. In typical Irish tradition (as relatives and neighbours were always dropping in for dinner) she would often cook for every man, woman, child and their respective donkey's. Cooking was an honour for my Grandma and a blessing for anybody fortunate enough to taste her food. I would often get almost as much pleasure just watching her cook as I would actually cooking with her. Her belief was that good food, hot water bottle and a cup of tea were tools enough to fix nigh on anything.


In my Grandmother's home, if you were poorly it was because you hadn't eaten well enough. I believe this perhaps explains why my appreciation for food has been so intrinsic to me and the life I have led from such a young age.


The menu I have devised is tasty, healthy, exciting and ever changing as I continue to explore my practice.

I'm also an enthusiastic nurse by profession with a love for people, travel, music, and most importantly - my wonderful, supportive family. I live in Rawdon Leeds with my partner and daughter. We are all keen on ways to keep healthy and fit and a nutritious tasty diet is important to us.


I hope that this venture serves as a gateway to share many wonderful recipes, learnt from many wonderful people.


Enjoy and experiment!


Kachumber kitchen -connecting people through healthy, tasty food
Kachumber kitchen -connecting people through healthy, tasty food
About kachumber kitchen

Starters - All starters are £3.50 per portion

Samosas can be bought in bulk or individually for £1 each

Samosas (2)

Crisp, light pastry delight, bursting with flavour (baked not fried).served with kachumber salad and dip. Samosas can also be sold individually for £1 each or purchased in bulk.


Filling choices.....

Potato and Fenugreek

Beetroot and Coconut (with feta optonal)

Spiced Sweet Potato and Spinach

Tandoori Paneer and Peas

Soya mince and Peas

Mung dhal, Paneer, Lemon and Coriander

Potato and Coriander

Mixed vegetable

Vegetarian Tandoori kebabs (2)

Paneer, mushroom, sweet potato and peppers coated in a deep aromatic hot and sour tandoori paste served with a cabbage, carrot stir fry and a dip.


Vegetarian Tikka kebabs (2)

Paneer, red onion and green peppers,  coated in a homemade tikka served with a cabbage, carrot stir fry. and dip.


Chickpea Koftas (2)

Spiced ground chickpea, onion and carrot. Served with Indian coleslaw and dip.


Baked Onion Bhajis (2)

Healthy and exceedingly tasty. Sweet, spicy, tender and very more-ish. Served with Indian coleslaw and dip.

Soya Mince and Pea Curry (Veggie Keema!)

An extra tasty Keema curry with peas and fresh coriander.


Red Kidney bean Curry

A rustic style traditional Indian meal that is cooked in households all over India. Red Kidney Beans in a rich spicy gravy. Rich in protein.


Aubergine and Pea

Aubergines cooked in a tomato sauce simmered with light spices and mixed with peas.


Mixed Chunky Vegetable Curry

Potato, peppers, cauliflower and peas cooked in a masala sauce of green chillies, garlic and ginger. Aromatic and very delicious.


Button mushroom masala

Button mushrooms in an onion-tomato based medium spiced gravy with fresh coriander


Spinach and Potato(Paneer optional).

Spinach and potato cooked with tomato, garlic, onion, spices and fresh coriander.


Mixed Bean Curry

A protein packed healthy dish. Beautifully spiced and cooked in a delicious curry sauce.


Potato and pea Curry

Perfectly cooked potatoes in a soft slightly spiced sauce with peas and fresh coriander.

Vegetable coconut curry

A sweet dish combining cauliflower, mushroom, chickpeas and sweet potato in a delicious coconut gravy. Superb!


Dhal Makhani

Black lentils and coconut milk. Full of earthy, smoky flavours with a rich, deep tomato warm note.


Basic Dhal-Moong Dhal

Mixed with fried onions and infused with spiced rapeseed oil. Truly fabulous!


Masoor (Spilt red lentil) Dhal

A rich creamy and comforting dish with an added spice-enhanced oil to finish.


Yellow Split Pea Dhal

A warm and hearty dhal. Thick and chunky, cooked in an array of aromatic spices.


Three Lentil Dhal

Three kinds of lentils offer an interesting mix of textures along with great flavour and lots of protein.


Spiced Chickpea and Cinnamon

Chickpeas are simmered in a fragrant and spicy curry sauce with cinnamon, garlic ginger and spices. Gorgeous!


Flattened Rice cooked with potatoes, turmeric, chillies and sweet corn. £2.50


Roasted Cauliflour with cumin and lemon. £2.50


Green beans with ginger, mustard and sesame seeds. £2.50


Sweet corn, fresh coriander, toasted sesame seeds and peppers. £2.50

Rice with cumin and sautéed onions. £1.50


Plain rice. £1.50


Flattened Rice cooked with potatoes, tumeric,chillies and sweetcorn. £1.50


Chapatti. £0.50


Kachumber salad. £1.50

Dips - All dips are 50p per portion

Yogurt Raita- with grated carrot and cucumber


Mango chutney

Coriander chilli garlic relish


Garlic and chilli

Deserts - All desserts are £1.50 per portion except  Almond and Orange Cake.

Orange and Almond Cake (serves 10)

This cake is made with whole oranges, simmered until tender, mixed with ground almond it has a moist, light texture and wonderful flavours. £15.00


Fruit Kebabs (2)

Drizzled with chocolate, fresh lime and sprinkles of coconut.

Indian Spiced Shortbread Biscuits (4)


Carrot and Coconut truffles (2)


Coconut, fruit and chocolate slice

Popcorn, fruit, nut and chocolate slice

The Curries! - All curries priced at £3.50 or £4.00 for mushroom masala or with paneer.

All the curries are available for catering or for private cookery lessons.

Kachumber menu

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Kachumber kitchen gallery

Kachumber kitchen is a small catering business operated from home connecting with people through healthy tasty food. I create scrumcious food, available for collection, or delivered straight to your door or work place. My specialities are vegetarian Indian food and my focus is on simple and easy to cook recipes that tickle, taunt, challenge and tease your palate, leaving you wanting to try more.



All my dishes are freshly cooked by myself on the day your catering spread is required. The cost will be approximately £12 per head but may vary according to your requirements.  I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.


Catering at kachumber kitchen

Cook with Katie in your own home and learn Asian vegetarian cooking! This 3 hour (approximate) session will be tailored to suit any level of cook, creating dishes you have requested from my menu (maximum of 4 dishes excluding the orange and almond cake).
I will provide all ingredients, hand towels and aprons. At the end of the session each cook will have enough food for approximately two people.



The session costs £50.00 per person (max 4) with a discount of 20% when booking for 4 people.  When making a booking please notify me of any food intolerances or allergies.

Cook with Katie at kachumber kitchen


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I would love the opportunity to discuss your catering needs further so please feel free to get in touch and let me provide you with a personalised quote to meet your event and budget needs.

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